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Thinkers 50 #1 leadership thinker in the world and author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Soren delivers new principles and tools that anyone can apply to their business, whether they’re just starting out or leading an established organization.

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Keynote Speaking – Disruptive Innovation, New Business Models, and Innovation Culture

Soren Kaplan is a leading keynote speaker, the author of the bestselling and award winning book, Leapfrogging, a writer for FastCompany, Affiliated Professor at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC’s Marshall School of Business, and the Founder of InnovationPoint.

Some of his most popular keynote presentations include Disruptive Innovation is Everyone’s BusinessDisrupt It! Leading Disruptive Innovation, and How to Create a Culture of Innovation.  Soren often customizes his keynotes and leadership development programs for specific business functions and industries such as healthcarefinancial services, and design. He also frequently leads and facilitates collaborative working sessions and breakouts following his keynotes – something that sets him apart from other traditional speakers.

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2015-2016 Keynote Speaking & Events

(see list of 2013-14 keynotes)

January 12-14, 2015: Executive Development Program, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

January 19-21, 2015:  Imagineering Executive Program, NHTV University, Breda, Netherlands

January 27, 2015: Ascension Healthcare, Leadership Program, Palo Alto, CA

February 25, 2015: How to Create a Culture of Innovation, Executive Education Program, Tempe, AZ

March 2, 2015:  Create a Culture of Strategic Innovation, Keynote & Workshop, Silicon Valley Organizational Development Network, Sunnyvale, CA

March 5, 2015: Keynote Presentation, Digital Solutions Cooperative Conference, Washington, DC

March 24, 2015:  Keynote Presentation, R&D Symposium, Sealed Air Corporation

April 7, 2015: ExecExcel HR Conference, How HR Can Create a Culture of Innovation, Tempe, AZ

April 16, 2015: Innovation Keynote, California State Automobile Association, Walnut Creek, CA

April 22, 2015: International Car Wash Association, Keynote Presentation, Las Vegas, NV

May 12, 2015: Innovation Keynote, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Philadelphia, PA

May 28, 2015: Building a Culture of Innovation through Operational Alignment, Public Media Broadcasting Association, Washington, DC.

July 15, 2015:  Business Strategy Working Session, Destination Marketing Association International Conference, Austin, TX

July 21, 2015:  Leadership Development Program, NBCUniversal, Miami, FL

September 7-8, 2015:  Melbourne Business School, PwC Ascent Leadership Program, Australia

September 21-22, 2015: Executive Leadership Program, Keysight Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA

October 1-2, 2015: Keynote Presentation & Workshop, Genentech, San Francisco, CA

October 21-22, 2015: Emerging Leaders Program, Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA

October 27, 2015: How to Create a Culture of Innovation, Executive Education Program, Tempe, AZ

October 28-29, 2015: Ascension Healthcare, Leadership Program, Phoenix, AZ

November 3, 2015: Disruptive Innovation, California State Automobile Association Insurance Group, Walnut Creek, CA

November 4, 2015: Keynote, Novation Healthcare Conference, Dallas, TX

November 17, 2015: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, John F Kennedy University, Center for Entrepreneural Leadership, Concord, CA

January 6, 2016: Leadership Conference Keynote, California State Automobile Association Insurance Group, San Jose, CA

January 13, 2016: Ascension Healthcare, Leadership Program, Phoenix, AZ

January 16, 2016: Keynote & Executive Workshop, Building Service Contractors Association, Princeville, HI

January 19, 2016: Business Model Innovation, Imagineering Academy, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

January 20, 2016: Keynote & Workshop, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA

February 24, 2016: How to Create a Culture of Innovation, Executive Education Program, Tempe, AZ

May 10, 2016: Keynote Presentation, Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA

June 1, 2016: Keynote Presentation, Marketing Association of Credit Unions, Las Vegas, NV

October 19, 2016: Emerging Leaders Program, Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA

October 26, 2016: How to Create a Culture of Innovation, Executive Education Program, Tempe, AZ

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  • Four Mind-Bending Business Models to Shake Up 2016

    There are a myriad of lists out there extolling the top trends and innovative products to watch for 2016. But perhaps the greatest innovations in business won’t be what companies decide to sell, but how they’ll go to market in ways that create entirely new business models.

    Here are four strategies to watch in 2016:

    Exclusivity – Play Hard to Get, to Get More Customers

    In 2016, consumers will embrace a new twist on a traditional form of cachet – exclusivity. What does that mean for marketers? It means creating challenges and status tests that require customers to actively “prove” their worth. Running a status test can mean asking customers to undergo a trial to prove their commitment, before they get to buy. It’s all about “playing hard to get” with your customers, something pretty counterintuitive in today’s fiercely competitive world

    Some brands like Dr. Pepper have used social campaigns for customers to prove their brand love, and be a part of a community. 2016 will see things go further. In October 2015, Lee Jeans launched a campaign across 32 cities in China to promote a range of heat-retaining denim. Consumers were encouraged to get outside (in the cold!) and explore their cities while tracking their movements with the Warmth Tracker WeChat app. Warmth Index points were accumulated when users scanned QR codes at scattered locations. By collecting points, users could earn Magma Fusion denim products and access to exclusive events.

    BSGRa5cCYAECuk_ Screen shot 2016-01-25 at 1.14.35 PM

    Culture Flaunting – Use Internal Culture to Create External Differentiation

    Consumers have long been concerned about purchasing goods produced by vulnerable workers in developing countries. Now, rising inequality and growing job insecurity in affluent countries means empathy is expanding to white-collar workers too. Who knew people cared so much about Amazon’s highly paid developers, marketers and middle managers featured in the New York Time’s controversial exposé.

    Other companies like Adobe, have started proactively promoting internal employee programs like Kickbox a grass-roots effort to stimulate new ideas and products. Sharing internal processes, employee programs, and other organizational best practices are rapidly becoming strategies for creating external competitive differentiation.

    adoberedbox  BoxInnovation

    In 2016, even more companies will turn inwards to insure their organization and culture is something to flaunt, rather than hide.

    Proactive Intelligence – Think About How Your Customers Think

    Consumers increasingly expect companies to use artificial intelligence to delivery truly smart products and personalized services. Just like most of us now expect customer service call centers to instantly recognized who we are through intelligent caller ID CRM, more and more people will expect to be recognized, remembered, and helped – proactively. What used to create the “creep-factor” is now a critical success factor.

    For example, two months ago Google announced Smart Reply. Smart Reply automatically crafts individual email responses for Gmail users by scanning email content and suggesting three potential responses. Users select their preferred option and press send. Over time, the program learns the user’s response habits, and tailors future suggestions.


    Counterintuitive Mash-Ups – Shock Customers into Loving You

    In April 2015, French budget airline Transavia reframed the value of their low-cost flights via a campaign that compared their ticket prices to casual spending decisions made in a grocery store. The airline created branded packets of chips, candy and cereal bars that doubled as tickets for a Transavia flight. Products were sold at participating grocery stores and subway vending machines in Europe with names of various Transavia European destinations. Customers who bought the products were given a code printed on the packet to secure their flights.


    Other companies like Delta Airlines and Porsche have partnered up to surprise Delta’s best customers on the tarmac with a sports car transfer to their next connecting flight. Delta wins through delighting frequent fliers and Porsche gets direct exposure to high fliers – higher end customers who are often luxury car owners.
    Figuring out how to rise above the competitive noise can be mind-bending in itself. These four mind-bending business models deliver just enough shock value to capture attention and then channel it into value for the customer.

    It’s impossible to predict the future. But one thing is certain: companies that innovate their business models will be the ones best positioned to enjoy a fruitful 2016.

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