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Thinkers 50 #1 leadership thinker in the world and author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Soren delivers new principles and tools that anyone can apply to their business, whether they’re just starting out or leading an established organization.

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Keynote Speaking – Strategic Innovation, Disruptive Technology & Innovation Culture

Soren Kaplan is a leading keynote speaker, the author of the bestselling and award winning book, Leapfrogging, a writer for FastCompany, faculty member in the executive education program at the Copenhagen Business School, and the Founder of InnovationPoint.

In his Wall Street Journal bestselling book Leapfrogging, Soren shows how any organization or business function can “change the game” through breakthrough innovation – by creating or doing something radically new or different that produces a significant leap forward.

Some of his most popular keynote presentations include Leapfrogging to Breakthroughs, How to Create a Culture of Innovation and Disrupt It! The Future of Disruptive Technology.  Soren often customizes his keynotes and leadership development for specific business functions and industries such as healthcarefinancial services, and design. He also frequently leads and facilitates collaborative working sessions and breakouts following his keynotes – something that sets him apart from other traditional speakers.

Book Soren today for a keynote to help jump-start new ways of thinking, innovation, and your future.


2014 Keynote Speaking & Events

(see list of 2013 keynotes)

January 8, 2014:  Leapfrogging to the C-Suite through Talent Management, Best Practice Institute

January 10, 2014:  Keynote Presentation, Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA

January 22, 2014:  Keynote Presentation, Imagineering Academy Conference, NHTV University, Netherlands

February 2, 2014: Keynote Presentation & Executive Education Program, Home Care 100 Conference, Boca Raton, FL

February 22, 2014: Keynote Presentation, Academy of Family Physicians, Hershey, PA

March 19, 2014:  Keynote Presentation, Learning Solutions 2014, Orlando, FL

May 4, 2014:  Keynote Presentation, Long Term Care 100 Conference, Boca Raton, FL

May 6, 2014: Keynote Presentation, Philips Healthcare, Key Opinion Leader Summit, Boston, MA

June 22, 2014: Keynote Presentation, Credit Union Executives Society, Bahamas

July 23, 2014:  Keynote Presentation, Destination Marketing Association International, Las Vegas

September 17, 2014: Colgate-Palmolive Leadership Day, Global Technology Center, New Jersey

September 24, 2014: Keynote Presentation, MedAssets Technology Conference, Plano, TX

October 7, 2014:  Ascension Healthcare, Leadership Program, Phoenix, AZ

November 11, 2014: Keynote Presentation, Disruptive Technology, Siris Capital, Boston

November 20, 2014: Keynote Presentation and Leadership Workshops, Danish Technology University, Denmark

November 21, 2014:  Keynote Presentation, Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Helsinki

January 12-14, 2015: Executive Development Program, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

January 19-21, 2015:  Imagineering Executive Program, NHTV University, Breda, Netherlands

January 27, 2015: Ascension Healthcare, Leadership Program, Palo Alto, CA

February 25, 2015: How to Create a Culture of Innovation, Executive Education Program, Tempe, AZ

April 22, 2015: International Car Wash Association, Keynote Presentation, Las Vegas, NV


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  • Peer Support for Motivation & Change - Building Communities and Brand Loyalty

    Peer support is the key to creating the motivation to change.  Give consumers communities to help them achieve personal goals and you’ll gain their loyalty.


    Part five in a series uncovering what makes us buy and why (aka insights into the Deep Motivators of Consumers and the Future of Consumer Marketing) See the introductory post here.


    Most people want to change something about themselves.  But change is tough!  A new breed of company now brokers connections with peers and experts to promote greater compliance with goals, as well as the motivation to achieve personal objectives. Whether financial planning, weight loss, or just sticking to a New Year’s resolution, social support is one of the most powerful drivers of personal change.



    Myntcity is a platform that enables people to request help from their social networking friends with tasks (such as resume writing, babysitting, plumbing, and accounting) with a point-based incentive system. The friends who help out receive Mynt points, which are redeemable for cash, gift cards, or products online. Users are able to have tasks done much more easily and safely, by those they already know an trust.  Why give business to a stranger when you can give it to a friend?!



    Jenny Craig

    An online community dedicated to weight loss and peer support for encouragement, Jenny Craig has created a platform where members can discuss training, diets, weight loss, and more. Members are able to share their stories and find inspiration, which helps support them as they go through tough changes. The journey of losing weight can be hard on many people; understanding this, Jenny Craig created a safe environment where people can be open and honest with other going through the same process, which reinforces the motivation to reach personal goals.


    Accountability to personal communities and support groups is one of the most effective ways to ensure achieving personal goals, which is why platforms facilitating such support have such a big draw. Brands can leverage their own customer communities (or even social media) to create customer loyalty — and as peer support communities grow, so does brand awareness.


    Fear Fixers and Simplicity Seekers are the consumer segments that drive the Peer Support trend.  Check out my introductory blog post for their definitions.  Next week we’ll look at Interactive (Virtual) Shopping.

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