10 Questions to Inspire Innovation


What Types of Questions Push Thinking and Inspire Innovation?


Pushing thinking to find breakthroughs and innovate is as much about asking the right questions as finding the right answers. CIO Insight recently published a great summary of 10 questions that can be used for leapfrogging mindsets to foster innovation:
1. Accentuate the Positive
“What experiences make you smile?”

2. Intersecting Universes
“Have you ever looked at two seemingly unrelated experiences and realized they were connected?”

3. Unexpected Gain
“What surprises both challenged your assumptions and gave you more insight into the business?”

4. Big Data Question
“Have you ever looked at the data you managed and asked why it matters?”

5. Untapped Asset
“Name a skill you possess that you never actually use at work that could help us perform better?”

6. Global Reach
“When you’ve visited a foreign country, what did you notice first? What did you learn from it?”

7. Beyond Limitations
“When have you ever pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone? How did you benefit?”

8. Future CEO
“What work-related experience brought out your entrepreneurial side?”

9. Game Changer
“What’s the simplest thing you could do right now to transform this organization?”

10. Performing Under Pressure
“Has there ever been a time when uncertainty made you feel invigorated instead of intimidated?”

To view the original dynamic presentation on the CIO Insight website, click here. Now, go ask yourself, your team, and your company a tough question!




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