The Power of Surprise



Why do we avoid uncertainty and surprise?


Most leaders avoid uncertainty. Most organizations hate surprises. It makes sense. Predictability and control are the unquestioned holy grails of management.

But could we be overlooking an essential and critical ingredient of breakthrough leadership and innovation? For example, every management book on Amazon with the word “surprise” in its title is about how to minimize the phenomenon from occurring. Why do we resist recognizing that unpredictable events, and especially surprises (whether positive or negative), are natural parts of life. What’s stopping us from using uncertainty and surprise as strategic tools for innovation?

This TEDx video reveals the hidden assumptions of business and society that get in the way of personal and business breakthroughs. It shows that anyone can harness the “Power of Surprise” to break through in whatever they’re doing.

Check it out. You just might be surprised…


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