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Soren Kaplan is the bestselling and award winning author of Leapfrogging and The Invisible Advantage, an Affiliated Professor at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC’s Marshall School of Business, a writer for FastCompany, a globally recognized keynote speaker, and the Founder of InnovationPoint.  As a leading expert in disruptive innovation, innovation culture, and business model innovation, he works with Disney, NBCUniversal, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Hershey, Red Bull, Medtronic, Roche, Philips, Cisco, Visa, Ascension Health, Kaiser Permanente, CSAA Insurance Group, American Nurses Association, and numerous other organizations. Soren previously led the internal strategy and innovation group at Hewlett-Packard (HP) during the roaring 1990’s in Silicon Valley and was a co-founder of iCohere, one of the first web collaboration platforms for online learning and social networking. He has lectured at the Harvard Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Melbourne Business School, and with other MBA and executive education programs globally. His Wall Street Journal bestseller, Leapfrogging, was recognized as “Best General Business Book” by the International Book Awards and “Best Leadership Book” by the Axiom Book Awards. He has been quoted, published, and interviewed by Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, CNBC, National Public Radio, the American Management Association, USA Today, Strategy & Leadership, and The International Handbook on Innovation, among many others. He holds Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Organizational Psychology, resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, and possesses dual US-French citizenship.


A Heritage in Innovating the Status Quo

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Soren’s Silicon Valley perspective on innovation is informed by much more than just high tech. With dual American and French citizenship, he comes from a rich heritage grounded in art, design, and a tenacious spirit to challenge the status quo.  As one of the world’s first female professional photographers, Soren’s great grandmother, Georgette Chadourne, captured portraits of European artists including Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.  His great grandfather, the silversmith Jean Puiforcat, represented the high point of the French art deco movement. His revolutionary designs and namesake are now owned by the luxury brand Hermes.  And his grandfather, Jacques Kaplan, an internationally known fur designer in the 1960’s, was the first furrier to denounce using endangered species and was recognized by the World Wildlife Fund for his boldness in challenging an entire industry – which was likely inspired by his direct involvement in the modern art movement including his friendship with Andy Warhol.  Soren continues his family’s tradition of trailblazing new paths to surprising new ideas and solutions that make a positive mark on the world.


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