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Strategic Innovation is Everyone’s Business – Innovate disruptive new products, services, customer experiences, organizational processes, and business models.

Dr. Soren Kaplan’s keynote speaking focuses on a single theme: innovation.  Having worked across industries including technology, consumer products, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, media & entertainment, and many others, Soren tailors his keynotes to his audience’s specific definition of “innovation” – which can range from incremental to the disruptive innovations that change the game.  He also frequently leads and facilitates collaborative working sessions and breakouts following his keynotes – something that sets him apart from other traditional speakers.

View highlights of Soren in action delivering keynote presentations on leading innovation, innovation culture, and disruptive technology:

Soren has a unique gift for cutting through the clutter of today’s buzzwords and complexity by focusing on what really matters:  how to create breakthroughs in products, services, business models, business processes, customers’ experiences, or marketing strategies.  He is also a leading expert in organizational culture related to business innovation and often speaks on leadership’s role in fostering a culture of sustainable innovation.

View highlights of Soren in action delivering a keynote presentation on disruptive innovation to the Global Technology Group of a Fortune 500 company (event sponsored by the Chief Technology Officer):

In one of his most popular keynotes, Strategic Innovation is Everyone’s Business, Soren highlights the importance of innovation for leaders, organizations and business functions – and helps participants identify future opportunities in products, services, processes, and/or business models.  Definitions of the different types of innovation are provided along with concrete examples and emerging practices for driving the type of innovation that “leapfrogs” the competition.  Key takeaways include:

  • Learn about the different types of innovation – from incremental to disruptive
  • Obtain principles and practices for innovating products, services, process, and business model
  • Gain insight from real-world trailblazers like Intuit, OpenTable, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate, Gatorade, & many others
  • Instantly apply new knowledge to real business issues or opportunities through interactive, facilitated group breakouts


Soren delivered our kickoff keynote where he set the tone for our conference. The feedback from our attendees has been fantastic and Soren exceed my expectations with his engaging style and thought provoking presentation.

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy
President & Founder, Createasphere

Soren understood our audience and he made the topic of disruptive innovation accessible and inspirational. People are still buzzing about his presentation.

Mary Beth Robles
Vice President, Innovation Capability & Systems, Colgate-Palmolive


Learn more about Soren’s perspective on how products are being reinvented as services, the importance of business models in today’s competitive environment, and how uncertainty and surprise are the secret ingredients of business breakthroughs by reading his widely recognized FastCompany articles:

Products into Services


Big Companies like Startups

Soren customizes every keynote to his specific audience – since he’s an adamant believer that it’s only possible to truly connect to others when one has an understanding of their needs, challenges and passions.

Some previous presentations include:

  • Chevron
  • Cisco Systems
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Disney
  • Frito-Lay
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • PepsiCo
  • Wells Fargo
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Harvard Business School
  • Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Credit Union Executives Society
  • American Association of Museums
  • American Society of Association Executives
  • American Society of Training and Development
  • Academy of Family Physicians
  • Front End of Innovation
  • International Boston Seafood Show
  • Institute for Credentialing Excellence


Soren’s new spin on the popular topic of innovation kept the entire audience on the edge of their seats. His talk was amazing.

Tatyana Kanzaveli
Organizer, TEDx Bay Area / Silicon Valley

Soren’s talk inspired our organization while providing both strategic and practical approaches for driving breakthroughs in the business and for our leadership.

Teppo Paavola
Vice President & Head of Global Business Development, PayPal

Soren was engaging, knowledgeable, thought-provoking — and fun. Our attendees, who are highly experienced talent strategists, are a hard group to please, and they gave Soren uniformly excellent ratings.

Kay Kennedy
Executive Director, Int’l Assoc. of Corporate & Professional Recruitment


For inquires about Soren’s speaking engagements, including his experience working across specific areas and industries such as disruptive technologyhealthcare, design, financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, food and beverage, media and entertainment, and others, click here.

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